Top 10 Countries With Highest Murder Crime Rate in The World

Know about the Top 10 Countries with Highest Murder Crime in 2016, It won’t be wrong for us to say that rape is among the very serious and threatening crimes in the world. The reports and cases of this serious crime have doubled and tripled as compared to the previous few years. In addition to accidents, terrorism and murder like cases; rape is also a form of crime which completely destroys a human’s life or even the whole family or society. Unfortunately, many of the states are suffering from it and their measures to control this crime have so far been failed. Here is the list of top 10 countries with highest murder crime in 2016.

List of the Top 10 Countries with Highest Murder Crime rate in 2016

1. Belgium: Belgium is not at all lagging behind in the rape reports. In fact, this developed and progressed country’s citizens are suffering from serious threats of kidnaps, murder for ransom and gang rapes. The people of the backward areas live from hand to mouth and they demand the government to protect their lives and wealth.

Countries with Highest Murder Crime rate

2. India: Despite the fact that India is one of the prominent and leading countries of Asia, the rate of crimes here are extremely high. This is a serious verdict of rape cases and it seems that the government has failed to keep a proper check and balance on the situation. The rate of murder and rape crimes in India is 80 % higher during 2016 as compared to the previous few years.

3. Thailand: Thailand is a land of beauties and interesting points. Here a lot of tourists come to spend their vacations, but unfortunately the increasing level of rape and murder cases have putted a full-stop on their decision to visit Thailand since a long. The government pays keen attention to minimize the rate of rape case and gang terrorism which is, according to an estimate, 65 % higher than the previous few years.

4. Germany: Germany is another prominent country with high rape and killing crimes. Here not only the women are under threat of rape but also the male community is equally suffering from this harassment. Especially the gang rapes and murders have tremendously increased in Germany during 2016 as compared to 2012-13 records.

5. France: France is famous for its fashion industry. The girls here are beautiful, sexy and gorgeous and this is one of the major reasons for their kidnap and rape cases. France’s estimated rape rate has doubled during this year, which needs serious attention from the government side.

6. United Kingdom: Although United Kingdom is a developed and economically powerful country, but here the street crimes, road accidents and rape cases have tremendously increased since a decade. UK’s women and young girls are suffering from the threats of attacks and kidnaps. The policies have been made to reduce such crimes and we can expect that in near future the situation will be different.

7. Japan: Japan is world famous for its electronic and technological products. This nation, on the other hand, is not behind the race to have serious rape and killing crimes. About half of the female population is into different professions and these ladies suffer seriously from the gang-rapes and kidnappings.

8. Italy: Italy is the hub of criminals and terrorists. The rules and regulations of the government are admirable but still there is a lack of better and reliable strategies which can reduce the rate of crimes like murder, robberies and rape.

9.South Africa: South Africa is one of the most famous and leading tourist points. If on one hand this country is famous for its charming tourist points, then on the other hand here a lot of criminals and rapists are residing freely. The South Africa’s crime has increased up to 50 % in 2016 as compared to 2015.

10. USA: USA, although, is a superpower, but still the murder crimes in this country are extremely high. Every moment, every day and every month the people suffer from the threats of criminals and robberies. The government is taking keen interest to minimize this ratio and has been able to give it a serious hand by applying strict rules and regulations in all of its states.

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