Top 10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in The World

Know about the top 10 most beautiful dog breeds 2016, Dogs are man’s best friend. There are a variety of different breeds and each breed has its own unique characteristics. When trying to decide which one is more beautiful you must consider not only its appearance but its temperament, which can also vary greatly. The good news is, there is a way to make the thought process a little easier considering how many unique breeds there are. The top ten most beautiful dog breeds in both looks and temperament can point you in the right direction on choosing a dog to make a part of your family.

Most beautiful dog breeds

List of top 10 most beautiful dog breeds 2016

1. The Kuvasz – The Kuvasz breed of dog is one that is not often heard of. He will shed all over the place throughout the year. As an adult dog, he may not be great around kids, unless he was raised with them. However, he may also be overprotective of his kids if he is raised with them from an early age. Even if he has been around kids since puppyhood, he should not be left alone with a young child though which means he is perhaps better suited for a household that has older children who do not make a lot of noise.

2. The Doberman –
The Doberman is often considered a “bad dog” breed. They can be a little pushy with their owners if their owner does not know how to deal with them or if their owner shows fear of them. They are protective by nature and do not need encouragement to show it. If they are not around other people, they can become very skittish. They also need a lot of training and consistency to be well rounded dogs as an adult with exposure to both adults and children. They are very streamlined in appearance with pointed ears and black with brown markings.

3. Bullmastiff – A Bullmastiff is one of the lesser known giants. He is very loyal to his family, protective of his home and friendly to the end. They are affectionate but if his family is threatened he can change from playful to protective in the blink of an eye. His protective nature can even mean that if necessary he will fight to the death. For markings, they are very basic in color; often simply black faced with a brown body.

4. Great Dane – The Great Dane is often called the miniature horse by those who love them because they typically weigh over 150 pounds when grown. They are the large dog breeds and large enough for small children to ride on when grown. They are also very loyal and calm as house dogs once they get out of the puppy stage. Children will be able to snuggle and play with them in a variety of ways and it will all be okay with the Great Dane. Just keep in mind; they are very sensitive to the way you feel. If you use a harsh tone with them or seem upset around them, they too will become emotional. There are also several color varieties available.

5. Bulldogs – Who can resist the bulldogs face with its scrunched up goofiness? They are sweet and silly in both looks and temperament. They are also very strong willed and perhaps a little on the stubborn side. This can make them difficult to train. They often will choose one person to devote their loyalty to and that person may have a hard time getting away from them.

6. Saint Bernard – The Saint Bernard is a very large, slow moving dog. It is great around kids, though small children should be supervised when around him because he often does not realize that he is large enough to hurt the smaller child. They are very intelligent large dog breeds and rumor has it they are able to sense when an avalanche is about to happen. It aims to please its owners and most of the time does not play a whole lot. They are longer haired dogs who are prone to shedding and their colors are often very basic.

7. Golden Retrievers – Golden Retrievers are great family pets if you have a small child. They are very loyal to their owners and can forgive a rough playing child. They are cream colored to light tan. Most of the time there will be no unique markings on them which often make people not choose them. However, if you want a dog that is beautiful in temperament, this would make the perfect dog for you.

8. German shepherd – The German shepherd is both. They are often trained to be police dogs and guard dogs. They are affectionate with their family members and if they sense a threatening person, they will certainly let their family know. Their markings are often varied. They can be all shades of white, brown and black. They are long haired and perhaps their only true issue is the fact that they shed their fur and perhaps can become over protective of their family.

9. Labrador – The Labrador retriever is a favorite of many families. They are pretty dogs if you do not mind solid colored dogs. Often they are cream colored or basic black and brown. They are a medium sized dog, friendly and laid back. They also make great watch dogs and they are easily trained. They do however need to be exercised regularly to ensure that they stay calm and they need a lot of toys to play with when you are not at home.

10. Siberian Huskies – Siberian Huskies are by trade, sled dogs. They are playful and energetic. They love everyone they meet. They need to be exercised, trained and just overall kept from boredom. They rarely bark preferring instead to howl. Their loving tendency makes the great family pets and their looks appeal to many people because they look more like the wolf than most other breeds. They do prefer a cooler climate and can become quite destructive if bored. They also do not like cats very much.

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