Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners of All Time

Know about the Top 10 most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners of all time, Miss Universe is a standout amongst the most astonishing and excellent excellence challenges in the world. Each young lady needs to win this title, truth be told a large portion of us battle a great deal for having this prestigious honor. It is not a simple errand for a lady to wind up Miss Universe and win the show and also loads of thanks, as the opposition is usually exceptionally extreme and just magnificently cool, jazzy, beautiful, striking and prettiest lady of the opposition is entitled as Miss Universe. Here is the shortlist of top 10 most beautiful miss universe champs ever out of those many women and lovely ladies who have had been honored with this title as such.

List of the Top 10 most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners of all time

1. Irene Saez: 1981 was a year of Irene Saez, when she won the title of Miss Universe at the show held in New York. Her grin and awesome excellence made the judges and viewers wild about her, thus she was delegated.

Irene Saez, most beautiful miss universe

2. Sushmita Sen: Sushmita Sen is an Indian stunner and these days a famous Bollywood actress too. She was the first Miss Universe India and won this title at 21 years old.

3. Mona Grudt: Mona Grudt is otherwise called “The Beauty Queen of Hell”. Her charming face, hot body and dark green eyes are similar to the spell noticeable all around. Mona, when entered in the opposition, was not certain of whether she would be shortlisted or not, but rather not just she found the opportunity to enter the semi-finals additionally turned into the victor in 1990.

4. Lara Dutta: Lara Dutta is yet another gorgeous and hot magnificence of India. She won the title in 2000 and afterward went into the Bollywood. The chart of Lara’ popularity is not just high because of her super cool excellence additionally she is a demonstrated capable female big name.

5. Alicia Machado:
Alicia Machado was the Miss Universe of 1996 rivalry. She was arranged magically and without a doubt did enchanted acts amid the appears. She looked noticeable from whatever remains of the women and toward the end of the show turned into the victor.

Alicia Machado, most beautiful miss universe ever

6. Nathalie Glebova: It won’t not be right to say that Nathalie Glebova was the champ of 54th Miss Universe Contest. This Canadian magnificence, promptly subsequent to winning the title, found the opportunity of showing up in various manner shows as the work of art. Likewise Nathalie had been the brand envoy of various excellence items.

7. Angela Visser: Angela Visser is known not the first Miss Universe of Netherlands. It was certainly the sparkle of her magnificence that made the judges of the show crown her with this title. Angela looks really beautiful in her photos and when she won the title, she swung to TVs and film industries to start her profession as an actress.

8. Rozalia Mancewicz: Rozalia is a wonder diva of Australia. Rozalia was speaking to her country in 2011’s Miss Universe challenge. Fortunately she was the champ of the appear. Notwithstanding this title, Rozalia has won Miss Polonia 2010 also.

9. Amelia Vega: Amelia was just 18 years of age when she won the crown of Miss Universe. She has had been a super model and a musician also. Amelia Vega has a capable and amazing personality and obviously a super hot body which makes the men obsessed with her.

Amelia Vega, beautiful miss universe of all time

10. Jennifer Hawkins: Jennifer Hawkins, interestingly, won the Miss Australian title. She spoke to her local country in the global Miss Universe Competition and fortunately was the champ. She is so gorgeous and hot that the viewers get involved with the spell of her excellence.

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