Top 10 Hottest Most Popular News Anchors

News is the only media through which we get several information and knowledge about various parts of the world. For providing impactful news, a confident and charming news anchor is necessary who can carry the importance of any news in the perfect manner.

List of the most Handsome and popular news anchors of the world in 2016

You must be familiar with the leading and most hot female news anchors in the world. Here is the list of top 10 most charming, confident and hottest male news anchors of 2016. You may fall in love with many of them as they carry a cute and killer look with the.

Check out these hottest news anchors of the year.

1. Anderson Cooper: He is one of the most charming and hottest male news anchors ever. He is very confident about his job. The way he presents news, wins millions of hearts off-screen and onscreen. He has the ability to make fake news look real. He has hot face cut and amazing texture. He seems to be the most perfect news anchor on television.

most Handsome and popular news anchors of the world in 2016

2. Willie Geist: He is really a smart and dashing news anchor. His voice wins several hearts within a moment. He is one of the most leading and highest paid news anchor. He has covered several important events and news. From his face to his voice tone, everything is quite perfect. Girls go crazy behind him.

3. Josh Elliott: He is also a star news anchor. His ability to present news just impresses everyone. He is quite popular among women. Women just don’t want to miss any of his news reading. He has a great potential to attract audience towards him.

4. Dan Abrams: You must have seen Dan Abrams covering much vital news across the world. Whether the news is related to crime or it is related to entertainment, his voice pitch and presentation is just perfect for every mood. Even boring news seems interesting when Dan narrates it. His looks and style is a quite discussed topic among the women.

5. John King: He is a charming and heart throb news anchor. He has a perfect body shape. He has great female followers. Girls often discuss about him. He is one of the most desirable news anchors in the world. His news anchoring career is quite impressive.

6. Dan Kloeffler: Dan Kloeffler is a well-known name in the news anchoring. He has amazing capacity to narrate news. He is popular among all age audiences. He is like by many people. Even several family listen to his narrating whenever he comes on television news. He is well deserved for his post and he is carrying the reputed tag with him in a well manner.

7. Thomas Roberts: He is one of the most interesting news anchors. He has an average personality but the way he presents news is just amazing. He has won some awards for news anchoring. He is quite well paid for his job. He has also his audience in many parts of the world who just love him.

8. Don Lemon: Don Lemon is a recognized name in the field of news anchoring. He is a talented and experienced news anchor. He has done many important projects related to media so far. He has an astonishing news presentation style which can attract a huge amount of audience.

9. Ron Corning: Ron Corning too is demanded among the women. He is a confident news anchor and has covered many important and interesting topics on various issues.

10. David Muir: David Muir has an average career graph. He has not done too many interesting projects. The reason behind his name on the top 10 list of hottest news anchors is his style. In spite of having normal looks, he has his own and impactful style of news anchoring. He is working hard on his presentations and soon will surprise you with some amazing narrating.

These were some hottest male news anchors of the year 2016 in the world. Some of them have model like looks and some have great pitch during the news anchoring. All of them are talented and passionate about their career. It’s the audience who made them popular. They have amazing skills and personalities that can spell magic on their audiences.