Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actors

Know about the top 10 Richest Bollywood actors 2016, Today, Bollywood is by all accounts unstoppable with regards to the advancement that it is making, with more than 100 movies under the umbrella of Bollywood being discharged each year. In spite of the expanding rivalry in the Hindi-dialect movie industry, there is by all accounts a crème de la crème of Bollywood actors that keep on decision the industry as well as the hearts of a huge number of fans. Subsequently, a considerable lot of these famous actors have overseen assemble a remarkable fortune because of their unparalleled achievement. Thus, this list of the top 10 richest Bollywood stars 2016 gives a knowledge into the value of each of these actors. So who is a richest Bollywood actor in 2016?

Shahrukh Khan, richest Bollywood actors

Top 10 Richest Bollywood actors 2016

1. Shahrukh Khan – Net Worth: $600 million – Shahrukh Khan may not be just at the top of the list, however being the King of Bollywood, he is unquestionably among the richest Bollywood actors furthermore a richest actor in the world. Indeed he is one of the richest as well as a standout amongst the most loved and popular Bollywood actors, having gathered a worldwide fan taking after as well. In this way, he gains up to 20 crore Indian rupees for each movie and up to 3 crore Indian rupees for each endorsement. He has total assets about $600 million.

2. Amitabh Bachchan – Net Worth: $400 million – Amitabh Bachchan has likely touched almost every tallness of acting, distinction, cash and accomplishment in his 40-year acting vocation and has earned the title of Bollywood’s Big B. He now charges a sensible 4 to 5 crore (1 crore = $214,431) Indian rupees per movie and considering the sheer number of movies he has featured in, he has advanced among the richest Bollywood actors.

3. John Abraham – Net Worth: $245 million – The purpose for John Abraham’s acclaim in Bollywood is not his acting aptitudes but rather likewise his muscular physical make-up that his male fans attempt to copy and his female fans swoon. He has played a different scope of parts from entertaining, for example, in Dostana, to more serious ones, for example, in New York. The actor/maker now gains 7 crore Indian rupees for every movie along up to 0.5 crore Indian rupees from endorsements.

John Abraham, richest Bollywood actors

4. Salman Khan – Net Worth: $200 million – As time has passed, Salman Khan has advanced among the most assorted and flexible Bollywood actors, having featured in an endless number of parts in numerous hit movies. Known for his acting aptitudes as well as his constitution, he is as of now among the top Khans of the Bollywood, so he charges almost 50 crore Indian rupees for each movie he stars in and as of late even energized to 100 crore Indian rupees too.

5. Aamir Khan – Net Worth: $185 million – Aamir Khan is the third most popular Khan in Bollywood and is maybe the richest among all of the Bollywood actors, having advanced toward the top because of his flexibility. Regardless of being particular about the movies he stars in and having created a significant number of himself, despite everything he charges more than 30 crore Indian rupees for every movie furthermore acquires around 4 crore from his endorsements.

6. Akshay Kumar – Net Worth: $70 million – After substantiating himself as a topnotch activity star for a significant number of years, Akshay Kumar has made numerous people giggle in late year in the wake of featuring in a few parody movies. A Taekwondo dark belt, Akshay Kumar is referred to for doing his own particular tricks also, and thus he charges anyplace somewhere around 18 and 30 crore Indian rupees for the movies he stars in, while up to another 2 crores from plugs.

7. Shahid Kapoor – Net Worth: $35 million – Shahid Kapoor demonstrated promising acting and moving abilities from the earliest starting point when he entered Bollywood, and in a brief timeframe figured out how to accumulate a fan taking after comprising of both men and women. In spite of the disappointment of Mausam, a movie he delivered, his interest has not melted away since he keeps on charging 7 to 12 crore Indian rupees for featuring in a movie, while likewise acquires up to = 1 crore from endorsements.

8. Hrithik Roshan – Net Worth: $32 million – Hrithik Roshan has demonstrated tremendous potential as far as going about as well as with regards to moving, from the first movie that he featured in. He has a significant one of a kind personality and style, alongside adaptability that is found in his acting. Subsequent to featuring in Agneepath, a film industry hit, he energizes to 25 crore Indian rupees for each film and up to 1.5 crore for a promotion.

9. Ranbir Kapoor – Net Worth: $30 million – Ranbin Kapoor, who originates from the prestigious Kapoor group of Bollywood, has earned abundantly merited notoriety regardless of having an initially moderate begin in his profession. Ranbir Kapoor simply charged 50 lakh Indian rupees for featuring in Sawariya, his first movie, yet since the time that his movie Barfi softened just about each record up 2012, he has now been charging 8 to 10 crore Indian rupees for each movie.

Ranbir Kapoor, richest Bollywood actors

10. Sanjay Dutt – Net Worth: $25 million – Sanjay Dutt is maybe among the most exceptional Bollywood actors considering the way that he has skilly assumed the parts of a sentimental saint and also a lowlife in numerous movies. With age, his vocation has just turned out to be more cleaned and his notoriety keeps on expanding, especially after his villainous part in Agneepath. Thus, he at present charges 5 to 7 crore Indian rupees for each movie he stars in.

All of the above Bollywood actors made it to where they are today with the assistance of their acting abilities and with a great deal of diligent work, so it ought not be astounding that they are a piece of this list of the top 10 richest Bollywood actors 2016.